Hello readers.

  1. I’ve updated/simplified the site. It needs a good overhaul, but….
  2. DEAD UNCLES has as pub date: May 25, 2021. Two days before my birthday. Gift yourself and me by pre-ordering a copy here.
  3. New work should begin appearing soon in a few publications. I will post about those as they occur.
  4. I’m almost finished with a new full-length collection of poems. In the past 2 months, it’s been an unexpected yet purposeful task to write this book of poems about chronic pain, wellness, health care, etc. It vacillates between despair and humor. Early work from it has appeared in The Night Heron Barks, Queen Mob’s Teahouse and Impossible Archetype.
  5. TWANG remains unpublished! I revamped it for the 2021 contest/open call season, sent it out…but so far, nothing. I’ll keep going. I’ll revamp it every year if I have to – it’s crazy that new work in its world continues to come to me. I have a chapbook worth of poems cast aside from the project. Half of DEAD UNCLES began life in TWANG.

I hope everyone continues to stay safe! Get your vaccines and get ready for all the hugs!


2020 was an odd and awful year. Sure, my writing life went well, but what is that to every thing else we saw, experienced, learned and reckoned. I love Sagittarius A*, I’m proud of my little poetic meditation on the magnitude of existence and self, and I wish it had had a poem or two that were more…present/prescient. I dunno. I may feel differently in a few weeks.

So yeah. Happy new fucking year.

I’ve been writing fiction again. Very few new poems, even as I’ve begun a new chapbook project while I continue to submit/shop TWANG around to publishers and contests. I began about…5 fiction pieces, have finished one, but haven’t shared it with any beta readers yet. I need to sit on it, feel certain I want it to leave me. It covers familiar thematic ground, but in a way I don’t normally attempt. Who knows. Another piece has a strange, comic book inspired form and is fun to work on, but I’ve not been in the mood for a couple of weeks. T666p needs to go. I think after that we can all exhale, inhale, bust COVID, share some hugs and resume the work of fairness and social justice.