A “final” draft of DEAD UNCLES is off to the editors at Driftwood Press. So excited to begin the book building process again. I’ll be part of Driftwood’s virtual reading on Dec. 18th. Details coming soon.

Mark Friday, December 11 at 730PM EST in your calendar for the official virtual release party for SAGITTARIUS A*! More details as our roster of guest poets, artists and friends comes together.

I forgot to post about “Wake Black” appearing in the latest issue of The Night Heron Barks! I love this poem, written during and somewhat about the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic.

I’m contributing some videos of poems to a couple of great projects. I have way too many submissions out to journals, sharing new work I’ve been cranking out the past month and half. Writing that Madonna cento made me start writing lots of poems inspired by song lyrics. I’ve been writing new fiction too, but the arc of fiction is much longer than poetry, even as the work feels easier and more fun.

Coming soon!

First, don’t forget to pre-order Sagittarius A* here.

Second, once I have proper stock, I’ll be selling autographed copies on this site.

Third, I’ll also be selling branded Sagittarius A* bookmarks – one side with the bright, gorgeous title bar, the other side with headshots and blurb text. The headshots will scale from everyone-friendly to NSFW, with the price escalating as such. 25% of the bookmark sales will be going to the LGBTQ Freedom Fund, a great organization doing amazing work with LGBTQ+ folks in jails and immigration facilities. (I use the word facilities loosely.) You can learn more about what they do and support them here.