New Poems and News

The past week saw a few poems debut.

First, Bending Genres Journal published three poems on which I collaborated with Tyler French, a poet and all-around cool guy from DC. The poems “Choke,” “Sir, Yes Sir” and “Serenade” came from our explorations of all the modern terms and paradigms gay men are employing in the digital age. Tyler also originates from southern Ohio and we’re going to explore that in some future collaborative work.

Then, Continue reading “New Poems and News”

2019 in review

Wow. I was updating my publications page and discovered that I published 21 poems and one short story in 2019! That’s my best year yet. Not bad for someone who stopped trying to publish for 11 years (2001-2012.)

2019 was a productive year too: I finished and found a publisher for Sagittarius A*, then completely revamped Twang after spending a couple hundred dollars to submit it to Continue reading “2019 in review”