A few things.

POETRY AFIELD was a huge success. We had great turnout, the feedback on our poets was amazing, and the bar asked for it to become a series. Maybe in 2020…the weather isn’t likely cooperating with us for the remainder of the fall. Also:

  • I’ve continued staying busy writing new poems, mostly about healthcare, medical trauma, anxiety and insurance. You learn a lot through 2 knee surgeries (2013, 2015 to fix 2013) and eating contaminated spinach (2018) and getting a chemical burn in your stomach by swallowing pool water (summer 2019.)
  • I’ve also been writing some fiction, but for the fun of it.
  • Several poems in the queue for publication this winter and next spring. Recently found out I’ll have a poem reprinted in an anthology on queer love!
  • I might be moving. More on that later.



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