2019 in review

Wow. I was updating my publications page and discovered that I published 21 poems and one short story in 2019! That’s my best year yet. Not bad for someone who stopped trying to publish for 11 years (2001-2012.)

2019 was a productive year too: I finished and found a publisher for Sagittarius A*, then completely revamped Twang after spending a couple hundred dollars to submit it to several fall manuscript calls. (Those rejections have started trickling in – I have no disappointment – the book wasn’t what it needed to be.) I began work on my chapbook of health care poems – it’s maybe half finished – and wrote more hillbilly spells. I collaborated with a couple of additional creators. That work is forthcoming! I started a few new short stories too. Those take longer to write, even though I find fiction far easier than poetry.

I’m excited for 2020. Sagittarius A* debuts in June. I’m hoping Twang finds a home. I want to finish my health care chap and continue to collaborate with other writers and artists, esp to do work that is outside my norm.

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