I took a few minutes to reorganize the Publications page. I divided it by years and added some non-writing things to it, such as my appearance on USA Today’s “I Am an American” series.

One thing that struck me – when I resumed writing seriously in 2012, I had no idea where it would take me.I planned to take advantage of the vast digital literary landscape, to share my work, try to get to know other writers again. Engage in creative communities. I’ve done all those things and enjoyed the experience. Opportunities are abundant and easier to access than in the days of SASEs.

But writing in the digital age means I’ve completely lost track/record of the various poems and short stories I published between 1994-2001. Fall of 2001 was the last time I’d published a poem in a journal. I have no idea where my author copies of that are. Don’t even remember the name. The stuff from the 1990s is probably sitting in a box in my parents’ basement, filled with mites and spider webs. Oh well. What’s done can’t be changed, so why worry it.

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