New Poems and News

The past week saw a few poems debut.

First, Bending Genres Journal published three poems on which I collaborated with Tyler French, a poet and all-around cool guy from DC. The poems “Choke,” “Sir, Yes Sir” and “Serenade” came from our explorations of all the modern terms and paradigms gay men are employing in the digital age. Tyler also originates from southern Ohio and we’re going to explore that in some future collaborative work.

Then, GRAVITON Lit published their fourth issue, which features my poem “Twinkling.” This is an early version of the poem, the fuller version of which will appear in June in Sagittarius A*, my forthcoming chapbook published by Sibling Rivalry Press.

Sagittarius A* is in the editing and design phase. We have a layout, some astounding cover art and I’m finally starting to get excited instead of anxious, lol. After what happened with ********* P****, the fear of cancellation lingered. Now, I’ve exhaled a long held breath and am ready to share this weird work with the world!

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