Apologies. Happy May. I spent most of April/National Poetry Month in Teams and Zoom meetings for work. I managed to complete a NaPoMo 30/30 challenge – I’d guess about half of the drafts are salvageable. We shall see. I had to cancel Poetry Afield 2.0. Hoping to make it virtual soon.

A few poems were published: “Patient” and “Dead Uncle, 1979” in A&U Magazine. “Lover” and “Uncle Mike” in DIAGRAM. You can find the links here. I participated in the Wild and Precious Life Series with a virtual poetry reading on May 6. They will be posting video soon.

I finished my new chapbook, tentatively titled Back Holler Magic. Poems inspired by Appalachian folklore and superstition. “Will / Inherit” and “Giving Up the Dew” come from this collection. I didn’t finish in time for several April 30 contest deadlines though. Oh well. Next year, lol.

That’s about it. I’m doing well under a stay-at-home order. My entire second decade of life was a stay-at-home order – on the farm, pre-internet, no cable tv, no neighbors who weren’t family – and I experienced all the pent up frustrations, crazy thoughts and bad behavior that time. Now, I am fine to sit on the sofa and watch movies I’ve never seen and read books.

Stay safe and be well!

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