Hailing from the farmlands of Appalachia’s west foothills, Ben Kline is a poet, storyteller and information professional living in Cincinnati, Ohio, writing about the modern digital existence, his former lovers, the Eighties, assorted concepts in astrophysics, rural-urban dichotomies and queerness as it was, is and might be.

His chapbook of origin/astrophysics poems Sagittarius A* was released by Sibling Rivalry Press in October 2020.

His chapbook Dead Uncles arrived in May 2021 from Driftwood Press.

He is the host of the outdoor reading series POETRY AFIELD at The Littlefield in Cincinnati’s eclectic Northside neighborhood and Poetry Stacked at the University of Cincinnati. He is a cohost of MLVC – The Madonna Podcast.

You can peruse Ben’s recent publications here.

His first-full length book of poems – Going Fast in Loose Directions – appeared in 2014, courtesy of Queer Young Cowboys. It remains out of print…for now.

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