Old essay on inspirations

As I prepare to write a new essay on creative impulses, I revisited this old essay I wrote on craft for Dustin Brookshire’s blog I WAS BORN DOING REFERENCE WORK IN SIN.

“Why I Write”

I write because of the farm, where my grandfather planted sweet corn and cut his hair based on the moon phases. Where Skunk Tail hurdled a double-wire electric fence and stomped a dog to death for being too close to her calf. The farm was abundant living and 

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A Hard Wood Anniversary

A nearly-forgotten anniversary took me by surprise yesterday: 5 years since the debut of my first full-length book of poetry, Going Fast in Loose Directions.

A fun, mostly-naughty romp of dirty gay sex poems (as requested by the publisher,) Going Fast in Loose Directions was the manifestation of 3 years of writing and workshopping (in public view) sex positive queer poetry on my former Tumblr, Original Content Required. OCR, as my friends and I called it, focused on queer male sexuality in the 2010s: dating and sex in the digital age, the impact of social media, what was lust beyond physical space, and featured poetry and fiction, visual poems, collaborations, response work (numerous pieces that “collaborated” with the art of John MacConnell, with whom I later did formally organized original creations.) OCR was a blast. Time consuming, but great fun. I caused me to become passionate about writing again, introduced me to a lot of interesting artists, photographers and writers, reminded me of how to be disciplined with creative work. Continue reading “A Hard Wood Anniversary”