2019 in review

Wow. I was updating my publications page and discovered that I published 21 poems and one short story in 2019! That’s my best year yet. Not bad for someone who stopped trying to publish for 11 years (2001-2012.)

2019 was a productive year too: I finished and found a publisher for Sagittarius A*, then completely revamped Twang after spending a couple hundred dollars to submit it to Continue reading “2019 in review”

Christmas and etc.

I hope you are enjoying the holidays. Whichever ones you recognize. I’m in Connecticut with my bf and his family. Which lands 2 firsts: destination holiday and Christmas with him and his family. (We holiday’d separately last year.) Strange to be around a large family that actually likes one another.

As 2020 and the third decade of the 21st century approach, I told myself, Take these couple weeks off. Don’t fuss. Embrace the irregular. Skip the gym. Drink more. Write less. Relax. Yeah, ok, sure. I worked out like crazy yesterday and I started 3 new poems! I have a better chance of giving up coffee – something I’m considering in 2020 as a money saver.

Ok, lemme get back to my Four Roses.