Christmas and etc.

I hope you are enjoying the holidays. Whichever ones you recognize. I’m in Connecticut with my bf and his family. Which lands 2 firsts: destination holiday and Christmas with him and his family. (We holiday’d separately last year.) Strange to be around a large family that actually likes one another.

As 2020 and the third decade of the 21st century approach, I told myself, Take these couple weeks off. Don’t fuss. Embrace the irregular. Skip the gym. Drink more. Write less. Relax. Yeah, ok, sure. I worked out like crazy yesterday and I started 3 new poems! I have a better chance of giving up coffee – something I’m considering in 2020 as a money saver.

Ok, lemme get back to my Four Roses.

“Potato Salad”

You can find my poem “Potato Salad” in the latest issue (No. 7) of Screen Door Review. The poem is a one-off, a piece without a project. I can’t remember if it was born of dream, memory or overheard secret, but I kept returning to the macaroni salad and a bee on a wet petal’s ledge.

Screen Door Review is a fantastic journal – so spend some time with the entire issue and their archive. They highlight literary voices of the queer South. Think about that for a minute. It’s an important, vital context for this necessary, urgent work.

If I had to pick a fave from issue 7, it’d be “A Little Sugar in the Tank.”

Accepted, Accepted, Declined

In a bizarre reverse on that classic “Will & Grace” scene, my chapbook Sagittarius A* was recently accepted for publication by a very well-known press. An editor and I spent a week discussing edits, release date, format, the cover, etc. I had withdrawn the manuscript from two other open calls and had told a few friends. The editor communicated their excitement for the book. Of course, I was thrilled that someone finally gave my weird little book of astrophysics-inspired poems a chance!

Then, someone at the press decided to google me and discovered my social media. Less than a day later, someone from the press emailed me in the middle of the night to inform me they were no longer interested in my chapbook or me. The email was a bizarre Continue reading “Accepted, Accepted, Declined”