A poem of your own

I’ve launched a new service on this site: Poems by request!

Whatever the occasion, be it poem for your father’s birthday or cousin’s wedding, we will work together to create the perfect poem for you. You’ll provide the necessary information and context. I’ll write the poem. Check it out at my Request a Poem page.

Gift your boyfriend with that sexy villanelle he didn’t know he needed!

New Poems and News

The past week saw a few poems debut.

First, Bending Genres Journal published three poems on which I collaborated with Tyler French, a poet and all-around cool guy from DC. The poems “Choke,” “Sir, Yes Sir” and “Serenade” came from our explorations of all the modern terms and paradigms gay men are employing in the digital age. Tyler also originates from southern Ohio and we’re going to explore that in some future collaborative work.

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Christmas and etc.

I hope you are enjoying the holidays. Whichever ones you recognize. I’m in Connecticut with my bf and his family. Which lands 2 firsts: destination holiday and Christmas with him and his family. (We holiday’d separately last year.) Strange to be around a large family that actually likes one another.

As 2020 and the third decade of the 21st century approach, I told myself, Take these couple weeks off. Don’t fuss. Embrace the irregular. Skip the gym. Drink more. Write less. Relax. Yeah, ok, sure. I worked out like crazy yesterday and I started 3 new poems! I have a better chance of giving up coffee – something I’m considering in 2020 as a money saver.

Ok, lemme get back to my Four Roses.

Cool for the Summer?

I finished another, longer, more robust version of Twang for submission season. I also completed 2 chapbooks: Sagittarius A*, from my recent obsession with black holes, simultaneous time and memory, and Hillbilly Magic, a collection of my hillbilly magic poems, potions and rituals inspired by folklore from home.

Which finds me in a funny creative spot where I…just want to read, watch movies and go to the pool to stay cool for a summer of letting ideas simmer.